Lincoln, NE is joining cities across the globe to participate in the 2020 City Nature Challenge (CNC), an annual friendly competition to find and document plants and wildlife over a four-day period. All observations made in Lancaster County and uploaded to iNaturalist during the observation period (April 24 – April 27) of the challenge will automatically be counted towards Lincoln’s CNC totals. An identification period will then be opened from April 28- May 3rd to identify all CNC related observations on iNaturalist. Winners will be announced May 4th in three categories: # of observations, # of species identified, and # of iNaturalist observers. More eligible categories will be decided by April. Results are calculated directly from the iNaturalist project, so only the observations finalized by May 3rd will count. Join in a series of CNC related activities in and around Lincoln, NE, exploring urban nature and documenting what you find through iNaturalist: The City Nature Challenge is organized on a global level by the California Academy of Science and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Tip for SciStarter users: if you add your iNaturalist username to info & settings in your dashboard, you can track the frequency and number of your iNaturalist contributions with your SciStarter account!
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