London is competing with over 160 cities worldwide, including six other UK cities, to find and record the most wildlife across the city in a four day period. You can find out more at As part of the challenge we are holding a BioBlitz - a 24 hour nature survey - in the Natural History Museum's Wildlife Garden. This will feature an exciting programme of guided walks, drop in activities and nature themed stalls. A team of dedicated scientists, naturalists and volunteers will be available to help you identify all the animals, plants and other living things you find. The information collected from your observations will help to create a valuable record of London’s biodiversity. Everyone can take part in the City Nature Challenge - both Londoners as well as visitors to the city, and there will be activities for children aged five and over as well as adults. We’re hoping to make London one of the winning cities for 2020, so come along and help us record as much wildlife as you can!
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