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Philadelphia is competing in the City Nature Challenge again and we need your help to win! Cities around the world will be competing against each other to see who can rack up the most observations, see the most species and get the most people out recording nature. Despite being a fairly densely populated area, Philadelphia and its surrounding counties have an impressive diversity of wildlife. This annual event is organized by Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and California Academy of Sciences. Here's how to participate: 1. Go out - You can go to one of our scheduled bioblitz event or go exploring on your own. You can even hang out in your own backyard. 2. Find any wild thing - Plant, mammal, bird, insect, fungi, fish, or even evidence of living organisms like tracks, scat. A tree gnawed by a beaver can even count as 2 observations! One for the tree and another for the beaver (even if you didn't actually see the beaver). 3. Make a recording of it - Pictures are preferred, but we can take audio recordings too. 4. Note your location - Either manually or you can set up your phone as well as many modern cameras to automatically record the GPS coordinates of our photos. 5. Upload your observations - Add your observations to iNaturalist. You don't need to manually add your observations to this project; the project will automatically aggregate any observations made in the designated area. You can upload observations using the iNaturalist app in the field or from your computer using the iNaturalist website. 6. Identify - Help identify other people's observations. This will help boost our species totals. The area covered during the City Nature Challenge includes Philadelphia and all of the counties in PA and NJ that share a border with Philadelphia. This includes Delaware County (PA), Montgomery County (PA), Bucks County(PA), Burlington County (NJ), Camden County (NJ) and Gloucester County (NJ). We will have events at various locations throughout the region so make sure to follow this project to keep up to date. If you are interested in becoming a partner or want to organize events, please fill out the form on our website at: Check out last year's project here: