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The National Center for Science Education, in collaboration with Our Changing Climate and SciStarter, invites you to join “Understanding Climate Change in Scripted Media,” a citizen science project to determine how climate change and related environmental issues are portrayed in scripted media. By analyzing how TV and movies discuss environmental issues, we aim to figure out how to best help people learn more about climate change and ultimately take action. Thanks so much for your interest in participating in the “Understanding Climate Change in Scripted Media” project. We are looking for episodes of television shows and movies that discuss climate change, global warming, or other environmental issues. Though we are big fans of climate change coverage in news media and comedy news (e.g., The Daily Show), we are specifically looking for instances that happen in narrative-driven media. So please don’t submit news or comedy news examples. Unsure whether your show or movie counts? Submit it anyway and our team of editors will decide.