Our EwA Citizen Science group assesses & documents Fells' ecological communities at risk in a fast-changing world. Monthly, we open our field studies to the public. This is an opportunity to get introduced to our community science program and our team. We'll work too and focus on listening, observing and recording. You'll probably like it so much that you'll want to join our group & effort ツ Age: Adults (16+) & Seniors / Rendezvous: Long Pond is a placeholder location. We might move the location depending on needs and conditions and we'll communicate via emails to our attendees (you need to register to be updated). ⚠️ Hiking pace: Moderate to fast. We hike relatively fast when we can yet very quietly, on the lookout for any kind of signs. Wear long pants and sturdy boots. This is a great opportunity to learn how to be alert and in tune with our environment and to discover our urban woodland's biodiversity and cycles while contributing to science. 🎟️ Details & Registration: This is an RSVP event. Please make sure you only register if you are committed to attending and cancel your ticket if your plans change so as not to limit opportunity for others. We will email you when necessary if there is any change plan due to weather and other reasons. Thanks and register today at https://ewa-climate-wildlife-watch-spring-2020.eventbrite.com! ✉ For any question, you can contact Claire at citizenscience@earthwiseaware.org ⓘ EwA Citizen Science Programs » https://tinyurl.com/ewa-citizen-science ♡ We Need Your Support! Make an impact: Help our #ScienceForAll! campaign. Become an EwA Ambassador today! » https://www.earthwiseaware.org/donate #nature #ecology #biodiversity #phenology #conservation #citizenScience #science
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