The project gives you the power to contribute and share your observations with the public, scientists and wildlife managers and enables you to share the beauty and uniqueness of the vast natural environment. Coastal Walkabout aims to provide you with tools that enable you to make a difference and contribute to the scientific knowledge of the richness and splendour of the Western Australian coastline. Coastal Walkabout is a collaboration between Murdoch University, Duke University and Marine Ventures Foundation. Initiated by Dr Thomas McMurray, Dr Dave Johnston and A/Prof Lars Bejder the project to date has been funded by Murdoch University and Marine Ventures Foundation. The smartphone app development has been developed with collaboration with GAIA Resources. The success of Coastal Walkabout will be dependent on the capacity of the broader community, both public and private organisations, to participate in the development and implementation of the technology. To achieve this, the project group has commenced discussions with community groups, government departments, recreation groups, industry, educational bodies and the scientific community seeking their support in contributing into Coastal Walkabout.
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