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Unravel the secrets of microscopic life! The solutions to the puzzles your are playing help us to identify groups of people with similar microbes. This information enables us to reveal links between the microbes living inside us, and our lifestyle or health condition. Although you may not notice it, with Colony B you interact directly with the scientific data. Every action in your game is used to classify the microbes. Colony B has also been specifically designed for mobile devices. You can play it offline for a couple of minutes, during your daily commute for instance, and make significant contributions to research. Colony B is a mobile game developed at McGill University that allows you to contribute to research on microbes. Collect microbes and grow your colony in a fast paced puzzle game. Unlock badges to learn about microbes living inside our body. The results are used to analyze data from the American Gut project based at University of California San Diego. Play Colony B and become a citizen scientist!