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This online event is scheduled for October 5-7, 2021. This virtual conference, integrated with social media, will focus on sharing, networking, and discussing the various aspects of conducting community and citizen science research in the Arctic. This conference is in response to a growing community of Arctic researchers, Arctic communities, and Arctic visitors that are becoming more engaged in research. Although there are many resources regarding community and citizen science available online, they are not specific to the Arctic. The primary goal of the conference is to provide an opportunity to share knowledge and increase networking among researchers, community members, and other practitioners of community and citizen science in the Arctic. Since this is the start of the discussions, we will focus on the circumpolar Arctic (e.g., it's not limited to one region, state, or country). A post-conference white paper, as well as archived presentations, will contribute to the overall community and citizen science community’s shared knowledge base, long-term goals, and a growing community of practice.