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The Cooloola Region is a significant natural terrestrial area adjoining the Great Sandy Strait Ramsar site and is currently listed on the World Heritage Tentative List. It has an abundance of natural resources, a rich array of habitats from bay to beach, wallum to rainforest and fens to high dunes. Cooloola has not been well studied biologically since a comprehensive study by the CSIRO in the late 1970s that identified an array of fauna including 280 species of ants, including many species new to science and other lesser known soil fauna. Many of Fraser Island (K’gari’s) World Heritage values were inferred from that initial CSIRO study of region. The BioBlitz will provide new baseline data to be compared with and added to data anticipated from future BioBlitzes in coming years. It will showcase, explore and raise awareness of the full diversity of all life forms in northern Cooloola. The partnership between FIDO and Cooloola Coastcare will not only add to the knowledge of Cooloola’s living natural resources but, through the use of experienced mentors and formal evening information sessions, will provide rich training and encouragement for future citizen scientists to add to the wider appreciation of this special Region.