The Problem? Confirmed cases and deaths from COVID-19 are steadily mounting, and testing for the disease is still limited in the United States. Healthcare professionals, researchers, scientists, public health experts, and government officials are still struggling to understand how many people are infected locally, statewide, and nationally. To address this gap in knowledge, we've created COVID Near You. What is COVID Near You? COVID Near You is a website that allows the public to quickly and easily report COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) related symptoms or testing activity. Using participant­ submitted reports, COVID Near You Near You maps this information to provide local and national views of the illness. Real-time reports of COVID-19-related symptoms can augment traditional public health tracking and help everyone understand where COVID-19 symptoms are occurring in their community. The more people join, the stronger the 'signals' in the data we gather. Reporting is simple - and important even if you are healthy! Who created COVID Near You? COVID Near You was created by HealthMap at Boston Children's Hospital, with generous support from volunteers across the technology sector, including Google, Mongo DB, Cloudflare and Datadog. COVID Near You is a sister tool of Flu Near You created by Ending Pandemics and the Boston Children's Hospital team.
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