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The CRCPD National Radon National Radon Poster Contest supported by the American Lung Association and the EPA, serves to raise awareness about the harmful effects of elevated levels of indoor radon gas and promote radon testing and mitigation. By participating in this activity, students learn about radon and how to reduce their risk of exposure. Youth nationwide, ages 9-14 participate. They enroll from public, private, territorial, tribal, Department of Defense (DoD), or home schools; or qualify through a sponsoring club, such as art, computer, reading or science clubs, scouting organizations, or 4-H clubs. The contest winners' posters are used to design the CR3 National Radon School Calendar. The theme is "Radon Rivals" Superheroes. The message to the kids is that there are people everywhere fighting for the reduction of radon gas and lung cancer and they can become a superhero radon rival. It's colorful and fun with a kid-centric educational slant. Our goal is to educate children about radon in a fun way and through them, educate and encourage their parents to test their homes and schools. Additionally, we added to the calendar, “challenges” regarding radon that kids can execute. For libraries, schools, and kids organizations, along with the calendar (months are September - August), there are Radon Rival Superhero t-shirts which you choose the superhero of your choice, masks, bookmarks, and buttons. 2022-2023 Calendar: Calendars become available for purchase in June of each year. Profits support the Premier Youth Ambassadors for Radon Reduction (PYA) efforts. Another Example: 2021-2022 Calendar: Jacquelyn E. Nixon, IASLC PRA Lung Cancer Survivor Citizens for Radioactive Radon Reduction (CR3) Dir. Mktg & Communications Mobile: (412) 961-1980 Email: Email: