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Looking for the Spanish language version of this event? Join us at 19:00 pm (CEST), 12:00 Colombia on May 28. Learn more: Information and registration for the English language version is below. Join us to learn about how to contribute to air quality monitoring through citizen science and how to make your own air quality sensor. All are welcome. FEATURED ORGANIZATIONS: CanAirIO is a citizen science project using low cost sensors to measure air quality (Particle Material PM2.5) with cell phones (mobile measurement) or your wifi (static measurements) with low-cost technology and open source code. We are looking to build a citizen network and an air quality map that will allow us to know what we are breathing and how we can improve life quality. SciStarter is an online community dedicated to improving the citizen science experience for project managers and participants. Over 3,000 projects and events are searchable by location, scientific topic, and age level, and by joining SciStarter, members can track their contributions and provide valuable feedback. SciStarter also supports researchers in managing projects, including best practices for engaging participant partners. Cos4Cloud will co-design, prototype and implement services that address the technological challenges shared by citizen observatories of biodiversity, based on the experience of platforms like: Artportalen, Natusfera, iSpot, Pl@ntNet as well as other environmental quality monitoring platforms like: FreshWater Watch, KdUINO, OdourCollect, iSpex and The design of new services will be user oriented, engaging a wide range of stakeholders in society, government, industry, academia, agencies, and research to co-design service requirements. Founded in 2003 by a group of passionate volunteers determined to improve the quality of Mecklenburg County’s air, Clean Air Carolina now champions a statewide initiative to raise North Carolina’s air quality to exceed that of scientific recommendations. Energized by the research-proven fact that even the smallest air pollutants are toxic to our health, and by the urgency of pollution-induced climate change, we are a team driven to advance our mission: To ensure cleaner air quality for all North Carolinians through education and advocacy and by working with our partners to reduce sources of pollution. FEATURED GUESTS AND SPEAKERS: COLOMBIA Daniel Bernal: group member and Cos4Cloud member. Antonio Vanegas: group menber and Cos4Cloud member. SPAIN Sonia Liñán: part of CoS4Cloud’s communication and coordination team Organization: Institute of Marine Sciences of CSIC Ángela Justamante: part of Cos4Cloud’s communication team Organization: Centre for Research on Ecology and Forestry Applications (CREAF) UNITED STATES Darlene Cavalier: Founder of SciStarter Caroline Nickerson: Editor & Program Manager SciStarter Calvin Cupini: Citizen Science Manager at Clean Air Carolina