The Cosmic Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory (CREDO) is a platform for the research dedicated to the most intimate secrets of our Universe. One example is testing one of the many theories for what this dark matter could be,maybe Super massive particles born in the early Universe? If this theory is correct, we can’t see the super massive particles themselves, but we should be able to detect what is left when these particles come to the end of their lives, or ‘decay’. The very high energy photons predicted to result from this decay are unlike anything scientists have detected so far coming from outer space. This could be because they are very rare or, more likely, that they don’t make it all the way across the Universe to the Earth without being affected by other particles. From experiments with high energy particles carried out on the Earth we know that the interactions with other particles is likely to result in lots of lower energy photons being produced in a large ‘cascade’. CREDO refers to these cascades as cosmic-ray ensembles (CRE) they have the potential to be widely distributed across both space (an area even larger than the Earth) and time (reaching the same of different parts of the Earth at different times). Existing observatories looking for particles from space might be unable to recognise CREs as they cover a tiny fraction of the Earth’s surface. To identify these widely distributed ensembles we might need a detector the size of the Earth which is clearly not possible! However, what we can do, with your help, is have lots and lots of little detectors spread out across the Earth’s surface. CREDO Detector Smartphone Application If you have a smart phone with a camera you already have the hardware you need to help detect these particles so by downloading the CREDO Detector App here you can become part of the world-wide CREDO detector and join is quest for the unexpected. The app uses your smart phone camera (preferably while your phone is charging and while the camera is necessarily,covered) to look for the bright pixels caused by the impact of a high energy particle on the CCD detector in the camera. A small ‘thumbnail’ centred on this detection along with the time and date it occurred and were your smartphone was is sent to the CREDO servers.