The Stall Catchers game by EyesOnALZ has been running it's first team competition - #CrushALZ, which has helped to achieve months' worth of lab work in just a few weeks. We need one final push on the last day of the competition to get closer to the Alzheimer's research goal we are pursuing! And, to celebrate CitSciDay, we will be giving out double points to anyone who participates, from 8pm ET, May 5 to 9pm ET, May 6. We will announce two groups of winners at the end of the day: teams who have collected the most points during the #CrushALZ competition & the most active individuals of the CitSciDay blitz! During the final hour of the competition we will hold #CrushALZ LIVE media event, during which we will keep tabs on the leaderboard, recap the best moments of #CrushALZ & have a Q&A with the EyesOnALZ team!