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Welcome to Pacific seabirds and whales lost in the Atlantic! We are eager for online reports of particular wildlife, accompanied by photographs. Accelerated loss of sea ice in the Arctic is opening routes connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for longer periods each year. These changes may increase the ease and frequency with which marine birds and mammals move between the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean basins. Indeed, recent observations of birds and mammals suggest these movements have intensified recently. As the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans reconnect, we will face challenges to marine ecosystem conservation. This is also a great opportunity to examine the ecological and evolutionary consequences of these new migrations in real time. To understand these changes and implement effective conservation, we need to better model the rate of dispersal and the possible consequences. For that, we need data! You can help by watching out for, photographing and reporting these Pacific species in the Atlantic: Birds: Horned puffin, Kittlitz