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The Public Lab spectrometry project is an open source community effort to develop low-cost spectrometers for a range of purposes. All open spectrometry hardware and software efforts are welcome here! > Link: (pictured is an experiment which built on the kit to attempt to identify different oils based on their fluorescence) Join in by: Reading about goals and asking great questions: > Link: Building a basic spectrometer using one of our starter kits > Link: Trying (and suggesting improvements on) our community-made how-to guides: > Link: Building on others’ work; hack and remix the kits to refine and expand them: > Link: The Desktop Spectrometry Starter Kit 3.0, is our most recent “reference design” incorporating some community improvements while balancing low cost and relative ease of construction. We have not yet met all our intended goals for this design, which is still at an exploratory phase: build on this design by adding a sample holder, attaching a light, or incorporating it into an experiment -- so we need your help!