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In this project you, as a citizen scientist, will contribute to the rescue of important biodiversity data! The project we are working on is about rescuing historical marine biodiversity data. These data are often found in expedition logbooks, old book collections or even scattered papers that are forgotten in institutional libraries, office drawers and dark basements with mold. So, we are making an effort in finding them, evaluating their importance to the scientific community and rescuing them. -But, why do these data matter? -Because every type of data that reveals how things were in the past into our oceans, will help us understand why things are the way they are in the present and then help us estimate how they may be in the future. We could analyze these data and investigate their association with major challenges of our era, such as climate change. -And how are we actually rescuing them? -By giving them visibility and most importantly by making them FAIR. That's right, we need FAIR data, which means they should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable & Reusable by every scientist in the world. To do so, we have agreed on a specific standard of data formatting and this is the point where you will help us. You will find all the information needed in the tutorial and field guide of the project. Thank you!