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To make events and programs user-friendly for everyone, organizers take steps to ensure that the physical spaces are accessible for people with disabilities. But what about electronic content we post or share with users? This webinar will highlight the most common accessibility issues with electronic documents, presentations, and web content. The presenter will begin with PowerPoint, because slide presentations can easily present hundreds of inaccessible elements for users with disabilities. Attendees will learn how to apply the same concepts to any digital content. Join us to learn simple techniques and how to create an accessible design workflow for all your electronic content. Here are some of the many things attendees will learn how to do: · use built-in accessibility checkers and design tools in PowerPoint, Word, and other programs · avoid common mistakes such as inserting text boxes · write and apply good alt text to images · create meaningful hyperlinks · check color contrast · create attractive materials without sacrificing accessibility Presenters and Facilitators: Kelli Ham, National Network of Libraries of Medicine Pacific Southwest Region, Community Engagement Librarian, PSR, All of Us; Caroline Nickerson, SciStarter, Program Manager