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Its Citizen Science Day!!! Join us in the Munson Sandhills to learn all about the amphibians that breed in ephemeral wetlands. We will cover dipnetting methodology, amphibian larvae identification, and data entry. This event was created to 1) provide training and more info for potential new participants in our Adopt an Ephemeral Wetland program, 2) to distribute nets and field guides to AEW participants so they can sample their wetlands, and/or 3) act as a refresher for AEW participants. Details about the program: We host monthly Dipnetting Days at which we provide training and wetland adoption papers for new participants or a refresher, field guides and nets for trained participants so they can go sample their wetland. Requirement? To dipnet your adopted wetland at least twice a year. The data collected help us keep an eye on amphibian populations and contribute important information about species diversity and wetland water levels, and help us detect any declines in amphibian populations early before costly and less effective measures are needed. Questions? Message us or email Rebecca -