This is a repeating event (Next date: check our Eventbrite schedule > This is a great community-based conservation initiative for protecting the vernal pools and wetland habitats of the Middlesex Fells Reservation through education, partnerships, and science. This program is an adult learning experience paired with direct participation in scientific research and wetland conservation efforts. The program focuses on the vernal pools of the Middlesex Fells Reservation that are not yet ‘certified’ (following the definition of Vernal Pools as defined by the State of Massachusetts). Working with local herpetologists, our goal is to certify those potential pools so that they get protected under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act regulations. Doing so, we close species migration gaps between the non-certified and certified pools, therefore directly improving the conservation of wetland species, and specifically of the species of the Fells. Pool documentation happens all year long (we also have in between sessions that we run with our advanced citizen scientists).
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