Swing by the Mcdowell Mountain Regional Park Nature Center today and kick off the City Nature Challenge! Learn about some of the apps the Rangers use to help us identify plants and critters on the fly as well as help build a citizen science database that can be used by researchers to help understand biodiversity in our parks! Find out more about the challenge, how to participate, learn how to use the apps, what it means to be a citizen scientist and probably even see some cool birds, bugs, snakes, or all of the above! (And then you might leave the nature center!) MEETING LOCATION: Nature Center Create a SciStarter account first. Download the INaturalist app and create an INaturalist account using the same email address. Then add your INaturalist username to your SciStarter account in “Info & Settings” where noted. Then, your participation in INaturalist projects and events, including the Phoenix Area City Nature Challenge, will count towards SciStarter’s collective goal of One Million Acts of Science this April!