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The DNA playground™ enables you to grow and insert DNA into microorganisms efficiently and without a mess. DNA Playground is a new kind of lab equipment specially designed for those just learning about growing cells, biotechnology, microbiology, and genetic engineering (a.k.a synthetic biology). The DNA Playground enables fun and engaging experiments and includes a “cold station,” which eliminates the need to source ice and ice buckets; a hot station, which removes the need for a hot water bath and a thermometer; and a petri dish incubator that can hold up to eight Petri dishes (6 cm) for incubating your cells. The DNA Playground's 3-in-1 nature highly simplifies getting the equipment for these fun and engaging exercises. It also reduces costs compared to buying traditional lab equipment and lowers the set-up and clean-up time. Moreover, these units take only seconds to turn off, unplug, and store away in a cupboard for next time - this means you do not need a dedicated lab set up. The DNA Playground can be used at home, in a community space, or in schools as a personal and engaging alternative to traditionally large, expensive, and complex lab equipment. DNA Playgrounds™ reduces genetic engineering set-up and clean-up time from over an hour to a few minutes. Get rid of messy ice and water!