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Grab a cup of hot cocoa and join us for the next Do NASA Science LIVE event as we explore ways to participate in NASA’s winter-themed research projects. This free virtual event will feature five NASA scientists who will describe their research and explain how you can get involved from anywhere. Project participants will interview the scientists and you'll have the opportunity to ask questions, too. No previous experience is required. Discover how to fill important data gaps in understanding what “cold” means on Earth AND in space. Sometimes cold is relative and the coldest objects in space—still warmer than Jupiter– are vital for teaching us about how stars and planets form. We will hear from the researchers behind: Mountain Rain or Snow, Fresh Eyes on Ice, Backyard Worlds: Cool Neighbors, GLOBE Observer Land Cover, and The Sungrazer Project. Register to join in the conversation, connect with scientists, and contribute to real science that needs your help: February 21st at 7pm ET for "What’s it mean to be cool?"