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Doing It Together Science Citizens have a major role to play in addressing the challenges to a sustainable future. It is by 'doing science together' that we combine our resources and expertise to raise awareness, build capacity, and innovative lasting solutions grounded in society. We address the call for Pan-European public outreach in science with and for society, through a tangible 'Do It Together' (DIY) method for wide and deep public engagement and participation in science. Doing It Together Science will implement many innovative participatory event formats across Europe focusing on the active involvement of citizens in two critical areas: biodesign and environmental sustainability. The project will advance the EU Responsible Research and Innovation agenda by moving beyond more traditional approaches into direct engagement that build upon DIY, grassroots, and frugal innovation initiatives so that in the short and medium term we sustain localised capacity building and in the leg term the effects of these grassroots efforts channel into policy action at different levels. Through its Horizon 2020 programme the European Commission, with support from the Swiss confederation, have committed financial support to this three-year program to increase public participation in scientific research and innovation across Europe. The 11-partner project, coordinated by UCL Extreme Citizen Science group, aims to build the institutional and policy foundations for sustained deep public engagement in science and technology in Europe. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 709443.