Driving Corridor Connectivity in the Central Tablelands Project has 3 core objectives: 1. Enhance the ecological condition and connectivity of Grassy Box Woodlands focussing on high value roadside vegetation corridors and adjacent land; 2. Reduce the extent and cover of environmental weeds in high conservation value Grassy Box Woodlands roadside vegetation and adjacent land; 3. Increase the capacity of Community, Local Government and Local Government Staff to recognise, understand and rehabilitate and enhance high value roadside corridors and adjacent land. Central Tablelands LLS will liaise with Councils to identify sites of high and medium conservation Grassy Box Woodland communities along roadsides. These sites will be then be used to target adjacent land that may require work to buffer and extend sites. Adjacent landholders will be contacted to gauge their interest in being involved in projects to fund activities that will improve condition of Grassy Box Woodlands.