This nest box project is a part of the ‘Reinstating coastal EEC and protecting a cultural site, East Ballina’ Environmental Trust project (2018-2020) delivered by Ballina Shire Council. The activities of this project are intended by Ballina Shire Council to consider all the biodiversity positives arising from a revegetation/ regeneration project occurring on the urban fringe. Bush regeneration, biodiversity plantings, community tree planting events and community engagement activities were complemented by the installation of nest boxes in key locations. These activities aimed to maximize the opportunities for urban wildlife in a coastal urban area by providing additional habitat for hollow-dependent fauna such as small arboreal mammals, birds or bats in areas where hollows are absent or in short supply. The project involved a survey of local residents to better understand their current 'backyard' practices in supporting urban wildlife, impacts of domestic cats and dogs, and barriers to improving backyard habitat. From the participants survey, a group of local Nest box Guardians was found to participate in the ongoing monitoring of nest boxes installed on Council reserves nearby to their homes.