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The Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute (BMWHI) leads a citizen science project monitoring impacts of climate change on the ecosystems of the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia. In 2020 we are significantly expanding this project, increasing the number of communities (teams) involved from four to six. Existing monitoring zones at Katoomba, Wentworth Falls, and Blackheath, will expand, with additional sites at these locations, and we will establish new sites from Lawson to the lower mountains – creating up to 28 monitoring sites across five zones in the Blue Mountains. We are installing additional equipment, including camera traps, cameras and audio recording devices, allowing the project to include all five eco-system types in the monitoring program – rainforest, wet sclerophyll, dry sclerophyll, heath and swamps. We are also developing a new App that will feed data into the BioCollect system for inclusion in the Atlas of Living Australia.