A hybrid professional learning opportunity for Grades 5-8 educators Learn how to engage your students in citizen science through a place-based approach. In this hybrid online and in-person workshop you’ll get an introduction to the fundamentals of place-based learning, participate in citizen science projects at Manomet, and learn about how songbird populations are changing in response to human development. Develop guidelines, strategies and a lesson plan to support all students as you establish citizen science environmental monitoring projects relevant to your school community. Manomet Observatory is an outdoor laboratory and demonstration property for science and education. During our in-person day at Manomet you will target MA STE MS-LS2: Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy and Dynamics by participating in one or more of Manomet’s ongoing environmental monitoring programs. Manomet’s research on the phenomenon of bird migration is one of the longest-running in North America, and you’ll explore Science and Engineering Practices as you use models to understand the process of bird banding, and conduct inquiry investigations and evaluate data to see how songbird populations are changing in response to human activities. The experience will culminate with a chance to interact with live birds and see the banding process first hand! Participants will also be provided with a curriculum packet to use in their classrooms.