CSCR’s EnviroBucket soil sampling toolkit addresses the concerns of residents who want to know what levels of chemicals are in their garden, in the surface of bare soil around children’s playground equipment and in their yards due to environmental toxins. These high- exposure areas are of concern due to potential health impacts. Our kit provides you with the information you’ll need to collect your own soil sample(s) using established EPA principles and protocols. If you get our testing services, we can then can guide you in the interpretation of results. Our kit is especially useful for individual residents, libraries, educators (University researchers or high school teachers), or community groups that have a desire to learn how to collect meaningful citizen science data and to solve issues pertaining to: Climate change resilience/natural disaster relief. Environmental Justice Environmental contamination from air deposition or soil/water migration interfering with residential properties Soil health in urban, community, and/or regenerative gardening Secondary environmental water quality analysis All the supplies fit in an easy-to-carry bucket, including a step-by-step instructional quick guide. Within 24 hours send your samples off for testing at our certified partner laboratories. We can also help you interpret the results! Especially if you are a gardener concerned about potential exposure to lead, pesticides or any other environmental contaminants, testing your soil is a must!