The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources on behalf of the South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) would like to know what you think are the most important environmental assets in your local environment? This is your opportunity to nominate the environmental asset(s) in your local environment that are important to you. This could be a plant or animal species, a habitat or an individual part of the landscape, like an important tree (see below for more explanation on what an environmental asset is). The nominated environmental assets will be assessed to determine the risk that bushfire may pose to the asset. Then the CFS, through the regional Bushfire Management Area Plan, where possible, will identify preventative action(s) for the environmental asset protection. For example if the asset is assessed as being at high risk of being lost or severely damaged through bushfires, and there are actions that can meaningfully be put in place to reduce this risk. Preventative treatment actions may include reducing bushfire fuels surrounding the environmental asset. What is an environmental asset? • An environmental asset must be fundamentally biological/ecological, and physical in nature; • It could be large or small, degraded or pristine, localised or dispersed; • It could be on private or public land or a mix of both. Data collected by the project will be shared through the Biological Database of South Australia. Data managed/endorsed by SA DEWNR.