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I am a researcher at Nottingham University Vet School and I am looking to recruit owners with wounded horses to participate in a citizen science research project into equine wound healing, which is being funded by The British Horse Society. The project involves collecting information from horse owners whose horse has recently suffered from some form of traumatic skin wound. We are hoping to collect data on a large variety of wounds from minor superficial abrasions through to severe lacerations which may or may not involve deeper structures or require veterinary attention. Data is collected through a short series of online forms throughout the wound healing process from initial injury up until a time the owner believes the wound to have healed. There are also electronic PDF forms which can be completed if owners would prefer instead of the online forms, these have an electronic submit button. Alternatively the PDF forms can be emailed, scanned or posted back. The reason we are doing this study is that wounds have been described as the second most common emergency condition seen in equine practice but as of yet the literature contains no documented prospective cases on traumatic equine wounds. If successful we hope to have the data published but the primary aim is to develop freely accessible evidence-based resources for horse owners on how to approach and manage wounds.