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Offered in special partnership with Australian Geographic Travel, this Australian fossil finding expedition will take you deep into the outback of Queensland where you’ll join a paleontology dig and lab experience like no other. ​ The 5-day paleontology dig takes place in the remote southwest town of Eulo, where ten species of extinct megafauna have been found. These animals lived around 150,000-50,000 years ago. The most predominant species found is the world’s largest marsupial—the giant bear-shaped Diprotodon. You will be an essential member of a small but mighty team excavating these minivan-sized marsupials. By joining the Eromanga Natural History Museum Megafauna Dig, you are a fundamental part of the work of unearthing both existing and new species of Australian megafauna and microfauna. These fauna represent species with almost no fossil record, therefore, each fossil tells us a new aspect of the environment, both aquatic and terrestrial. You contributions will directly help researchers in their quest to understand the evolution and biology of these ancient animals.