Nature's Notebook is an online project that needs citizen scientists like you to upload pictures of nature to track the phenology, or natural cycles, of the local environment. For instance, when do leaves fall from trees, or cicadas call? Researchers using data from Nature’s Notebook have found that flowering times have changed over the years, which impacts pollinators, as have bird migrations. The data also helps scientists predict season lengths and the appropriate time for controlled burns. Join Scistarter on Facebook Live where you can ask a scientist at Nature's Notebook questions. Learn how past observations matter, and how your current or future observations contribute. You can ask the scientist anything about the project, tips for identifying plants and animals, biodiversity in general, their career, and more. This event is open to everyone and Verizon Corporate Employee Volunteers are invited to tune in and take part. Joining this Facebook Live interview counts as one credit of volunteer service time.
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