FathomVerse aims to increase our capacity to measure and monitor marine life in a changing ocean. This free mobile game offers an interactive community science experience where players engage with scientific images collected by robots and researchers around the world. Every dive in FathomVerse is filled with imagery that researchers, government agencies, and coastal communities collected with imaging systems and shared with us. With advances in imaging and AI technology, we can capture images of the ocean and quickly analyze them. However, AI needs people to continuously train and verify the models, and that's where FathomVerse comes in. Help train the AI that researchers use to find and identify animals in real ocean imagery. In doing so, you’ll hone your skills and learn how to identify nearly 50 groups of ocean animals. Every action in the game improves and trains machine learning models. By tapping into our collective curiosity, FathomVerse seeks to transform ocean exploration by engaging a community of passionate ocean enthusiasts to work alongside researchers.