Firefly Watch combines an annual summer evening ritual with scientific research. Taking over from Boston's Museum of Science in 2018, Mass Audubon has teamed up with researchers from Tufts University and Fitchburg State University to track the fate of these amazing insects. With your help, we will monitor population numbers of fireflies and determine what might be affecting their numbers. Participating in this project is also a wonderful way to learn more about these most enchanting and fascinating creatures. - Join a network of volunteers. - Observe your own backyard. - Track your progress online and interact with fellow Citizen Scientists. - Help scientists track firefly populations in North America. - No specific scientific training required. It's easy to participate in Firefly Watch. Basically, we want to know if you have fireflies in your backyard (or in a nearby field if you don't have a backyard) and how their numbers are changing over time.