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Are you passionate about citizen science and its potential to address critical challenges in Africa? If so, we have great news for you! The CitSci Africa Association is proud to announce its first-ever International Conference, set to take place on the 21st and 22nd of February 2024 at the prestigious United States International University - Africa in Nairobi, Kenya. **Unleashing the Power of Citizen Science for Africa:** Themes and Focus Citizen science has emerged as a powerful tool to tackle environmental, health, water, food, climate, and social issues. At the CitSci Africa Conference, we aim to explore and harness the potential of citizen science for sustainable solutions across the continent. Some of the key themes to be discussed include: **Citizen Science for Solutions:** Learn about inspiring projects and initiatives that have successfully utilized citizen science for positive impact in various fields. **Citizen-Generated Data:** Understand the importance of data collected by citizens, its validation, and strategies to ensure its protection, while exploring its role in influencing policy-making. **Innovations in Citizen Science:** Discover the latest technological advancements and innovative approaches driving the evolution of citizen science. **Partnerships and Cooperation:** Explore the significance of collaborations between citizens, researchers, organizations, and policymakers in advancing citizen science initiatives.