Individuals, schools and community groups are encouraged to get involved in monitoring waterway health in the Fitzroy Basin and upload their citizen science data to the online MyWater database where the results will receive a grading score from A to E for each indicator test results. There are a range of resources available to support our community to test local waterways. Use your school, science club or local Landcare group’s water monitoring equipment to test waterway health, or get in touch with us to find out about borrowing a monitoring kit. We do have our own monitoring equipment which is available for short loans to community groups or schools in the Rockhampton region. Test and sample for: • Water phys-chem indicators including salinity, turbidity and pH; • Ecology indicators including macro-invertebrates (or water bugs) and fish; and • Assess riparian vegetation and weed cover as ecological indicators. All data uploaded by the community can be viewed on the interactive map with interactive data and graphs. No training is needed to upload data to the MyWater monitoring portal, however we do provide an easy to follow Monitoring Guide with step by step instructions on our website. Data recording sheets and an equipment list are also provided for community use on the website.