Discover and document the flowering plants found on the Arizona State University campuses to aid in research purposes in unison with identifying the pollinators species. With the hope of influencing the need for more native flowering plants on ASU campuses that represent the diversity and beauty of the Sonoran Desert wildflowers. Participants will earn credit for identifying six different species within the timespan of the data collection period in addition to the six pollinating species requested for the first portion of the project. First and second place observers will receive a small prize from Rango Honey for identifying the most species and contributing observations. Please share the project with friends and family near campus and have fun! This is meant to be a fun and interesting experience for you, the citizen scientist. In order for iNaturalist to better identify the flower species, be sure to keep the flower in question within frame and no others. It would be better time proficient to first document a pollinating species and then take a picture of the flower that the species was found on.
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