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If your school or non-profit educational organization is interested in this conservation measure, we can help you create a habitat for monarchs and pollinators. Applicants that demonstrate the following will be given higher rankings: _You will commit to sending an evaluation of the garden success and spring/summer/fall photos of the planting and maintenance of the garden: we will send a survey in the Fall for photo submissions and garden evaluations _Schools and Educational Non-Profits will be given highest priority _Educational goals of garden clearly described _A clear, long-term maintenance plan for the garden space _Adequate space (>100 square feet) and light (>6 hrs per day) _Spring/Summer/Fall nectar sources existing or to be added in addition to milkweed _Administrative support: demonstrate in writing that landscape crews will not pull the plants or re-purpose the space in the foreseeable future _All application materials must be complete prior to review by Monarch Watch