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FrogWatch SA is a collaboration of state, local government and non-government organisations. It supports individuals, schools and local groups to gather more information than was possible with previous programs and technologies. The information provided by FrogSpotters lets us know where frogs are present and also where there are no frogs in our waterways. The results let us know which species are common and which are rarely found. We also learn which parts of the State may need further work to improve the water quality or habitat condition. Each year of FrogSpotting builds on what we know about where frogs occur and the habitats they live in. By comparing survey results from year to year we can also find out whether a species is becoming more or less common over time, which can help us work out if something needs to be done to protect and conserve our frog populations. The information provided through FrogWatch SA also helps managers know when additional monitoring needs to be undertaken to better understand changes in specific frog populations or at specific locations or areas of the state.