The Gaenari(Forsythia koreana) is a native plant in South Korea. A native plant is a plant species that is distributed only in certain regions and is geographically isolated and weak in propagation and ability to spread. In any country, native plants are valuable assets to protect and preserve. Gaenari(Forsythia koreana) bloom every spring. One of the phenomena that shows the season of plants is the flowering season. The data that we observed every year, such as the flowering season, is an important indicator of the changes in the global environment. Observing the flowering season of spring flowers over the past few decades has revealed that climate change has occurred in South Korea. On April 11(Sat), "Gaenari Day" will begin, where you will find and record Gaenari(Forsythia koreana) blooming around your neighborhood. We can study the distribution of Gaenari(Forsythia koreana) and the degree of blooming in the country with all your records. Earth Loving Explorers Team is an activity where you can feel the joy of contributing directly to the study of ecologists. But always be careful when you explore. You must explore with your parents, and when you go out, you must wear a mask. It is absolutely forbidden to go to dangerous locations. Don't forget that safety comes first! ----------------- Earth Loving Explorers About Us Earth Loving Explorers is a citizen science project started in 2012 jointly by Kids Science Donga and the EcoScience Department of Ewha Womans University in South Korea. Each family works as a team to explore nature and collect data, which is used for scientific research. Each year, around 3,000 people participate. Data is collected through the Kids Science Donga smartphone app. It automatically collects GPS and weather. Participants can upload photos, sound, and video according to the requests of the researcher. Usually there is a short questionnaire tailored to the needs of the study to collect additional data in a way that is easily interpretable. Researchers can download this data to use for their research. The participants who contributed a certain amount of data points are given a certificate issued by the Biodiversity Foundation, co-founded by Jae-chun Choe and Jane Goodall. Kids Science Donga, first published in 2004, is the only science cartoon magazine in Korea to have won the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Science Journalism Award. Issued twice a month, we provide interesting science related cartoons along with the latest science articles every month. We have science journalists, scientists, and famous cartoonists taking part in creating this magazine into a collection of in-depth writings and entertaining cartoons, thus it has grown to become the No. 1 science magazine in the country. Our content, also exported to China and Vietnam, is acknowledged worldwide for its excellence.