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Growing plants from seed or from vegetative means is a wonderful way to add plants to your garden. Learn about the theories and the processes that happen in the plant during propagation. Once we understand what is happening, we can then explore how to make it happen. The first part of the webinar will cover the vegetative propagation of plants. We will talk about cuttings, division, and a little bit about grafting. The second part of webinar will be about seed. We will explore the physical processes that occur as a seed germinates and what some of the mechanisms are that prevent germination & how to overcome them. This webinar is great for beginners and intermediate plant enthusiasts. Mike Bone has worked at the Denver Botanic Gardens for 20 years. In that time, he has developed the Propagation and Production Department that produces approximately 200,000 plants annually. Mike teaches greenhouse grower classes for the Colorado Nursery and Greenhouse Association (CNGA). He is also an avid hiker and loves to see plants in their natural setting all over the world.