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Join SciStarter and trained facilitators from Verizon's volunteer program to do citizen science — real science anyone can do. So many people love nature and learning about the world around them: they’re curious, concerned and they want to make a difference. The good news: all of these people of all ages can do real science, at any time, by becoming citizen scientists! Citizen scientists volunteer to collect or analyze data, moving science forward and helping researchers understand how things work — with all types of science, from astronomy to health to zoology. SciStarter is the world’s largest citizen science community and a volunteer partner of Verizon. Join trained facilitators from the Verizon volunteer program for an introduction to citizen science, demos of two real projects (Stall Catchers and Nature's Notebook) and ideas for how anyone can get started and make a difference. RSVP below and be prepared to do real science!