GIRT scientific divers are taught to document the condition of their 'adopted' shipwreck site. GIRT members will record a range of observable and measurable data in conjunction with systematically photographically condition reporting their site. Wrecks are assessed by the GIRT member for changed conditions that threaten the preservation of the site from one survey period to another, allocating a threat assessment level of low, medium or high. All data is saved and attached to the site record in the Australasian National Shipwrecks Database visible to other researchers for study. A second research objective within the study is to better understand the motivation of participants in a maritime archaeology conservation focussed project. GIRT members will be sent an email requesting them to complete a 15 minute online questionnaire on their commencement. An identical questionnaire will be sent to members approximately three years’ later to track any changes in motivation through this period of participation.