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The Earth is a solar-powered planet. So what happens to clouds when the Sun's light is blocked, even temporarily? If you measure air temperature, how cool is the eclipse? Help us answer these questions and others by collecting citizen science data using the GLOBE Observer app and a thermometer during the annular eclipse on 14 October 2023 and the total solar eclipse on 08 April 2024. GLOBE Observer Eclipse is a temporary tool in the GLOBE Observer app that will help you document air temperature and clouds during an eclipse. The tool is not visible in the app on a regular basis, but is only opened up when a solar eclipse is happening somewhere in the world. The Eclipse tool will prompt you to take air temperature measurements using a meteorological thermometer, as well as taking regular observations of sky conditions using the Clouds tool. We also ask you to take an observation using the Land Cover tool in the app, to set the scene for where your clouds and air temperature measurements are being collected.