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Go on safari from your couch or travel the ancient seas during your lunch break - there are dozens of opportunities to explore topics across the sciences, arts, and humanities during your spare time while making valuable contributions to real, on-going research initiatives! You can study authentic objects of interested gathered by researchers and generate quality data by answer simple questions about them. With the help of online volunteers like you, researchers can analyze information more quickly and accurately than would otherwise be possible, leading to better, faster understanding of the world and more exciting results! In this event, we'll introduce you to the scope of online citizen science and marathon as groups different projects across medicine, biology, physics, literature and history. No prior experience is required - all you need is a computer and a sense of curiosity. Interested in using citizen science in your own research? Experts will stay online after the marathon to answer questions from researchers or educators on how to set up your own projects or utilize these resources in a classroom setting. Together, we can help make new discoveries possible!