We would like to enlist your help in collecting dirt/soil samples for one of our companies, Lodo Therapeutics Corporation (Lodo). Lodo focuses on the discovery of new lifesaving antibiotics to combat drug-resistant bacteria by tapping into the diverse genetic information contained in soil bacteria. Information encoded in bacterial genomes (not experimental serendipity) drives the discovery of new medicines. Not constrained by traditional culture-based approaches to natural products drug discovery, Lodo Therapeutics has unlocked a vast trove of overlooked compounds evolutionary selected for processes essential for life. Lodo is looking to collect as many diverse soil-types as possible from different environmental conditions throughout the United States. At this time, we are especially interested in collecting soil samples from the Midwest, the South and the Rocky Mountain States -- though we would happily take any new soils. If you would like to help Lodo’s research by providing a soil sample (or two), please visit (https://goo.gl/forms/mMLzrIormJDrEE6g1) and we will send you a Soil Collection Kit to help collect and process samples. Once we receive your soil sample(s), an Amazon Gift Card will be emailed to you as a thank you for your help. We hope you'll help contribute to our research efforts. If you (or your friends) believe you can help, please do so (and feel free to forward this message along to someone who can help us, if possible).