By the end of October, the natural world of the Southern Hemisphere is in full throttle. Flowers are blooming, insects are emerging, birds are singing, and reptiles are coming out of their winter hibernation. It makes sense for the Southern Hemisphere to observe life at this time of year! The #GSB22 will be held from the 28th of October until the 31st of October, incorporating different communities, areas and regions across the Southern Hemisphere. The purpose of this event is to highlight both the immense biodiversity spread across the Southern Hemisphere in the flourishing springtime, as well as to engage the public in science and nature learning using the citizen science platform iNaturalist. As we are international, in Spanish we are known as 'Gran Biobúsqueda del Sur', while in Portuguese we are known as 'Grande BioBlitz do Hemisfério Sul'. Note: If you are not in the Southern Hemisphere you can still participate by helping us classify and ID the observations from 1st - 14th November via the website and app! Every little bit helps our participants get their observations to research grade and on the map!