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Have you heard? The Greater Phoenix Area will be part of the 2024 City Nature Challenge (CNC), April 26th-April 29th. Last year, we placed 54th out of 482 urban areas around the globe! Join us for an orientation in how you/your organization can take part. We are looking for help in training the public, locations to host trainings, launch events, and promotional support. Engagement at all levels is encouraged. Register for one of two meetings. The CNC of Greater Phx is co-organized by Maricopa County Master Naturalists, ASU Barrett Honors College, SciStarter, Central Arizona Conservation Alliance and Educating Children Outdoors. If you become a partner, your logo and organization will be listed on the iNaturalist project page as well as the website and relates social media posts to promote public engagement. Read on for more background: What is the City Nature Challenge? The City Nature Challenge (CNC) was created by the California Academy of Sciences and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. The event started as a friendly competition between two cities but quickly grew into an international event with over 400 cities participating in the most recent 2023 challenge. The CNC is a unique event that serves to connect people to their local nature in urban or metro areas worldwide. The hope of the event is to grow volunteer community science documentation while collecting urban biodiversity data that are available to managers and scientists but most importantly have fun while spending time outside! Learn more at What is citizen science or community science? Citizen science is best described as a partnership between the public and professional scientists that can help answer questions at local and sometimes global scales that scientists couldn’t answer on their own. This can be done in person and online. Find out more at