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The GSO Dobsonian line is particular model serves a very clear purpose, to offer a large aperture and an excellent image quality at reasonable cost. Set-up is as easy as you can imagine very simple assembly with the rocker box and put it on the ground, insert the telescope tube and put the springs in position and you're ready to go to navigates through the night sky by simply moving the tube up or down, or side to side, by hand. All GSO dobsonian use optical quality BK7 glass, cooling fans built into the rear cell to decrease cooling times, also all dobs use a roller bearing on the azimuth surface providing dozens of support points for smooth swivel motion. The deluxe model comes with 2" Micro 10:1 Crayford style focuser and 1.25" adapter. Specification: * 10" Parabolic primary mirror * Focal length: 1250mm, F/5 * 2" Precision Micro 10:1 Crayford style focuser * 3 points mirror cell w/cooling fan. * Roller bearing wood base Standard accessories: * 8x 50mm fully multi-coated achromatic Finder * Premium Plossl 9mm (1.25") * Premium widefield SuperView 30mm (2") * Moon filter included * 2" Eyepieces tray